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Course Description: Clarity Builds Confidence! Get the principles and tools you need for the structured and conceptual analysis of any Torah text. Build understanding incrementally from the simple to the complex. Discover the numerous possibilities within a text. Apply "Talmudic Logic" to deconstruct and anticipate the dialog. Enhance your creativity and conscious understanding.

Course Schedule: Self paced

Course Instructor: Rabbi Eliyahu Mitterhoff
Rabbi Mitterhoff, immigrated to Israel in 1982 from New Jersey and lives in Bayit Vegan Jerusalem with his wife and many children. He has had a long and distinguished career in studying and teaching students Talmud and the “process” of Talmudic thought. He spent many years studying in Yeshiva Toras Yisrael in Jerusalem and received Rabbinical Ordination from both HaRav Hagaon Rabbi M.Goldstein shlita and HaRav Hagaon Yehudah Deri shlita, Chief Rabbi of Ber Sheva. Subsequently he has been learning the Mir Yeshiva in Jerusalem.

  • Ways of the Talmud
  • Introduction and Proper Attitude
  • Being Exacting with the Text
  • Commentators
  • Torah Logic Essentials Outline
  • Ways of the Talmud - Translation of Chapter One
  • Ways of the Talmud - Chapter One - Hebrew
  • Rabbi Moshe Chaim Luzzatto
  • Video - The 7 Elements of a Discussion
  • Google Doc - The 7 Elements of a Discussion
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